Despite incredible popularity of gambling in Finland, casino activities here used to be strictly regulated by the governmental authorities. Even though the European Union still imposes pressure on the nationwide love for gambling and is trying to put an end to the local casino monopoly, Finland doesn’t want to give in to their restrictions.

Instead, netticasino activities here are still on the rise while the local land-based and online gambling platforms keep growing and developing at a rapid speed. 

Meanwhile, some decisions of the local government may seem quite surprising for other European states. In fact, this type of entertainment is not just a way to have fun and hit incredible winnings but also legally approved tendency to help charity organizations. Today, most casinos here use their funds for social support and charity purposes.  

Finland as the first-ever European country where casino funds are spent on social needs

With the huge growth of casino business in Finland, slot machines here can now be found almost everywhere – from supermarkets and hotels to restaurants, pubs and petrol stations. However, unlike other European countries, the profits gained from local casino business are most often spent on the improvement of different social spheres and meeting the needs of the population. Finland is even rated as the first country in Europe and the fifth state in the world that has adopted this policy.

To promote this tendency, the Slot Machine Association of Finland (RAY) spends its annual gains of more than hundreds of millions Euros uses this money to support the well-being of the Finnish nation.

For many people, it is often surprising that outwardly calm Fins appear to be very passionate gamblers. As claimed by the experts of RAY organization, the local citizens enjoy playing all sorts of casino games. Even more than that – Finland occupies the first place in Europe and the fifth place in the world according to the total amount of money spent on slot games. However, the most amazing thing about this is that Finland is also a country where the nationwide passion for gambling skillfully translates into the gradual improvement of the citizens’ life quality.

What spheres of social wellbeing benefit from gambling business

The funds gained by Finland’s casinos from slot machine entertainment are most often spent on the support of:

  • Child protection organizations;
  • Volunteer organizations;
  • Support of people with intellectual disabilities;
  • Healthcare services for alcohol and drug addicts;
  • Veteran protection agencies, etc.

A few years ago, the above list was also added with the charitable support of crisis centers which offer help in difficult situations. The financial assistance covered such fields as the improvement of the national sphere of employment and rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled individuals. In addition, the support was received by families where children faced difficult life situations.

Finland’s casino funds go for charity and social help

Finland has always been known for its monopoly in the segment of online gaming and national lotteries. This has given the state much freedom in regulating the local casino business. Over the years, the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has also contributed to the substantial growth of online casino earnings.

Today, the financial help granted by the local gaming companies has made this business even more successful than ever before. That’s because the support of vulnerable groups of population is the key to the nation’s prosperity as a whole. What’s more, a sizeable part of profits gained by local casinos is transferred to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development.

For instance, last year the total amount of money spent on social help was equal to over 417 million Euros. This sum was then distributed across numerous minor organizations that pursue the same goal – to improve the national wellbeing.

As a result, the charitable support from gambling industry was received by millions of people all over Finland.

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