The first writing advice: Various topic observations are not sufficient to create an accomplished essay. Such paper should present an argument. It should prove something by evidence and reasoning, especially comprising confirming citations and apt examples from any certain sources or text your argument involves.

Collecting such evidence usually entails rereading of the sources or text with a provisional thesis or question in mind.The second writing advice: When an assigned subject matter does not support you with a convenient thesis, you should formulate the questions you are going to explore in your paper. Then, develop by considering, reading, and writing a provisional hypothesis or thesis.

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Pursue and test it and be prepared to qualify or revise it when your work progresses.The third writing advice:

There are some ways, in which a certain argument may be presented well, but the organization of your essay should be planned to introduce your argument obviously and influentially.

The fourth writing advice: Helpful methods of essay composing are numerous, but practices of professional writers are invariable:

1. They begin writing early, before they consider they are prepared to write, as they use writing as a means of discovery and exploration.

2. Professionals do not attempt to create a paper from start to end, but write what looks readiest to be produced, even though they are not certain whether or how this will fit in.

3. In spite of writing so unreservedly, they hold the essays overall aim and arrangement in mind, improving them as drafting proceeds.

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